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New Covid Rules December 2020

18-12-2020  Until Sunday 10-01-2021 (23.59 hrs) all travel is permitted within the region of Andalucia. Cafes / Bars / Restaurants can stay open until 18.00 and then open again from 20.00 to 22.30 hrs. In a last minute update Cafeterías, Ice Cream Parlours and Chocolaterías can remain open from 18.00 to 20.00 but must not sell alcohol, the Cafes must be able to offer food. Other business can operate normal hours. The Andalucia curfew is  from 23.00 to 06.00 hrs.

The curfew is extended on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve to 01.30 hrs in the morning, for those travelling home from a family dinner.

There will be no festivals over the Christmas period such as the Three Kings parade usually held on evening of 5th January.

The Sierra Nevada Ski Resort opens for the winter season from 18-12-2020. Other attractions such as the Caminito del Rey are also opening again.

Christmas and New Year eve dinner may host up to ten people, including family members and close friends (Update 12-12-2020: Andalucia Government announced that would  removed ‘friends’ but when their official decree was published close friends were included). Children are to be counted like the rest of the diners. Other days the general rule of six applies.

From December 23rd to January 10th people will be able to move from one autonomous region to another for the additional special reason of “going to celebrate a Christmas holiday with the family.”

18-12-2020 Andalucia President, Juanma Moreno, said in a radio interview that “everything seemed to indicate that there will not be a Semana Santa (Easter or Holy Week) in Andalucía in 2021″. This will be the second year the Holy Week processions have been cancelled. 17-12-2020 Seville Town Hall confirmed that the Seville April Fair would not take place. The mayor explained that in a best case scenario only 30% of the population would be immunised by then.


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