Public Holidays in Nueva Andalucia

Public Holidays in Nueva Andalucia

Andalucia enjoys 14 bank holidays a year. This comprises 9  National holidays, 2 whose date is set by the region, 1 regional holidays and 2 local municipal holidays. Below we list the national holidays and the regional holidays.

If the holiday falls on a Sunday it may well move to the Monday. If the holiday falls on a Saturday it will remain on the Saturday. The confirmation of the national bank holiday is published in the Boletin Oficial del Estado (BOE) or the regional holiday in the Boletin Oficial de la Junta de Andalucia (BOJA) towards the end of the preceding year. The forward dates below are based on the assumption that traditional patterns will be followed.

The two local or municipal holidays are traditionally held on the the days of the patron saints of the town.

On a holiday the most shops will be closed (except small family run shops in tourist areas) all bars, cafes and restaurant will be open. Bus and trains will run a Sunday or slightly reduced service.


  • January 1 – Año Nuevo (New Year)
  • January 6 – La Epifanía del Señor (Three Kings)
  • February 28 – El día de Andalucuia (Andalucia day)
  • April 1 – La festividad del Jueves Santo (Maundy Thursday)
  • April 2 – El Viernes Santo (Good Friday)
  • May 1 – La Fiesta nacional del Trabajo (May Day)
  • August 15 – La Asunción de la Virgen (Asuncion Day)
  • October 12 – La Fiesta Nacional de España (Hispanic Day)
  • November 1 – El día de Todos los Santos (All Saints Day)
  • December 6 – El día de la constitución (Constitution Day)
  • December 8 – El día de la Inmaculada Concepción Day of the Imaculate Conception
  • December 25 – El día de Navidad (Christmas Day)


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