Property Management Services on the Costa del Sol

It’s important to make sure your property is properly looked after. From monthly inspections to emergency call outs, we offer complete property management for your rentals. Most importantly, our service ensures you are left with complete peace of mind.

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Learn about the vast range of features associated with our property management service. No matter what type of property you own, we are on hand to provide an expert, personal service.

We provide...

Initial introductory visit

An initial introductory visit, during which photos will be taken and a full inventory of property’s contents produced.

Maintenance and repair services

A facility for booking maintenance and repair services by telephone and e-mail, using in-house maintenance technicians or recommended suppliers for services such as decorating, plumbing and electrical work, general repairs, cleaning and laundry, gardening, pool maintenance, chauffeur services, etc.*

Administration of management account

Full administration of your management account on an ongoing basis, providing quotations, invoices, and statements of account, relating to maintenance or refurbishment work, cleaning and laundry, or other commissioned services.

Twice monthly inspection visits to the interior of your property

Twice monthly inspection visits of the interior of your property during which we thoroughly air all rooms (subject to external weather conditions), check for pests and vermin and recommend action, test all appliances and electrical equipment to make sure all are in good working order, examine all furniture and furnishings for wear and tear, check all sanitary equipment and plumbing and make sure all your security services and equipment are fully functional.

Twice monthly inspection visits to the exterior of your property

Twice monthly visual inspections of the exterior, to check for any obvious defects. The supply of dilapidations reports by e-mail, including photographs, if necessary.

Discovery of maintenance issues and organisation of repairs.*

Identification of maintenance issues and organisation of repairs.* Personal bookings and holidays, those of family/friends, and own rental bookings.

Administration of automatic cleaning and laundry services based on your calendar bookings.*

‘Helpline’ during office hours for any property or guest-related issues that may arise.

Emergency call-out facility with qualified staff.*

Payment of emergency bills.*

Access to property ‘trouble-shooting’ facility to handle any on-site problems with local suppliers or utility companies.*

Emergency service between 8am – midnight whether property is empty or occupied

Fully-manned emergency service between 8am – midnight whether property is empty, or occupied by ‘the Owner’ or their personal or rental guests.*

Key-holding facility, including secure storage, management and distribution of keys.

Guest Manual for your property, including a restaurant guide, list of golf courses and places to visit.

*Note – these services are invoiced to Owners as and when they are utilised.

Ts & Cs apply. 

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